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22 synonyms of multiple from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 28 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for multiple.

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The result of multiplying a number by an integer (not by a fraction). Examples: • 12 is a multiple of 3, because 3 × 4 = 12 • −6 is a multiple of 3, because 3 × −2 = −6

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How to Setup Multiple Monitors in Windows 7; Top of the page. Informational Video. How to Setup Two Monitors (Official Dell Tech Support) - (1:37) English Only. More information and support for your Dell monitor, laptop or tablet screen can be found on our Monitor Support site.

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Multiple myeloma is considered a cancer of plasma cells, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a cancer of lymphocytes. WM cells have features of both plasma cells and lymphocytes. WM cells make large amounts of a certain type of antibody (immunoglobulin M, or IgM), which is known as a macroglobulin. Each antibody (protein) made by the WM cells is the ...

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The multiple attribute is a boolean attribute. When present, it specifies that multiple options can be selected at once. Selecting multiple options vary in different operating systems and browsers: For windows: Hold down the control (ctrl) button to select multiple options; For Mac: Hold down the command button to select multiple options

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I have multiple set of data to insert at once, say 4 rows. My table has three columns: Person, Id and Office. INSERT INTO MyTable VALUES ("John", 123, "Lloyds Office"); INSERT INTO MyTable VALUES ...

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multiple definition: 1. very many of the same type, or of different types: 2. a number that can be divided by a smaller…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

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Multiple. A stock's multiple is its price-to-earnings ratio (P/E). It's figured by dividing the market price of the stock by the company's earnings. The earnings could be the actual earnings for the past four quarters, called a trailing P/E.

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Multiple myeloma is the second most common type of blood cancer after leukemia. Learn more about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, risk factors, and treatment of multiple myeloma.

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Jun 12, 2019· Overview. Multiple myeloma is a cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell. Plasma cells help you fight infections by making antibodies that recognize and attack germs.

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multiple [mul´tĭ-p'l] manifold; occurring in various parts of the body at once. multiple myeloma a malignant neoplasm of plasma cells in which the plasma cells proliferate and invade the bone marrow, causing destruction of the bone and resulting in pathologic fracture and bone pain. It is the most common type of monoclonal gammopathy, characterized by ...

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Multiple definition, consisting of, having, or involving several or many individuals, parts, elements, relations, etc.; manifold. See more.

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Multiple definition is - consisting of, including, or involving more than one. How to use multiple in a sentence.

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Define multiple. multiple synonyms, multiple pronunciation, multiple translation, English dictionary definition of multiple. adj. Having, relating to, or consisting of more than one individual, element, part, or other component; manifold. n. A number that may be divided by another...

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Synonyms for multiple at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for multiple.

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Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a long-lasting disease that can affect your brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves in your eyes. It can cause problems with vision , balance, muscle control, and ...

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Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that affects plasma cells. Plasma cells are a type of white blood cell found in bone marrow, which is the soft tissue inside most of your bones that produces ...

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Synonyms for multiple in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for multiple. 8 synonyms for multiple: many, several, various, numerous, collective, sundry, manifold, multitudinous ...

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Apr 04, 2019· Multiple: A multiple measures some aspect of a company's financial well-being, determined by dividing one metric by another metric. The metric in …

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multiple definition: Multiple is defined as being or having more than one. (adjective) An example of multiple used as an adjective is the phrase "multiple flavors of ice cream" which means a number of different flavors....

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Whether you (or a loved one) are worried about developing multiple myeloma, have just been diagnosed, are going through treatment, or are trying to stay well after treatment, this detailed guide can help you find the answers you need.

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In fact, multiple is used for other kinds of product; for example, a polynomial p is a multiple of another polynomial q if there exists third polynomial r such that p = qr. In some texts, "a is a submultiple of b" has the meaning of "b being an integer multiple of a".

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A person with multiple personalities -- many minds in one body. See multividual.

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